Orion SolarFlare

Orion SolarFlare is decentralized launch solution unlocking IDO access for ORN stakers. 

  • Projects: Accelerate your launchpad activity. Tap into the Orion Protocol community and launch your project on the first decentralized gateway to crypto.
  • Community: Unlock IDO access with ORN: Hold + stake ORN to guarantee access to upcoming project launches.
  • Ecosystem: All ORN committed to gain access to IDOs will be permanently removed from circulation - continually reducing supply. 

Launching in December. Only for ORN stakers. Apply here.


COMMUNITY: Unlock IDO access with ORN.

Despite the ever-growing number of IDOs, access can be hard to come by. With Orion SolarFlare, holding and staking ORN guarantees access to allocation for upcoming product launches. Orion Protocol has joined forces with leading launchpads to funnel their upcoming launches to Orion Terminal, enabling the Orion community access to IDOs from December.

For example:

> Project X commits $100,000 allocation for ORN stakers.
> Oliver buys and stakes 500 ORN on Orion Terminal.
> Oliver sends $500 of ORN to the Project X Pool.
> The total amount of ORN sent to the Project X Pool by ORN stakers equals $200,000.
> Oliver’s initial allocation ratio will be: $2 ORN to every $1 allocation.
> The allocation ratio will be dynamic according to the popularity of each Pool.
> All ORN accumulated in the Project Pools will be sent to the SolarFlare contract upon receipt of allocation, and will be permanently removed from circulation quarterly.



ECOSYSTEM: All ORN committed will be permanently removed from circulation.

Every project launch on Orion Terminal will accelerate the expansion of the Orion ecosystem with deeper liquidity, available assets, and new users - driving terminal volume.

Meanwhile, every ORN committed to gain access to upcoming IDOs on SolarFlare will be permanently removed from circulation on a quarterly basis.

A number of further initiatives will be announced next week and rolled out from December to permanently remove ORN from circulation and continually reduce supply.



PROJECTS: Accelerating launchpad activity on the first decentralized gateway to crypto.

From top 100 market cap projects like Fantom and Holochain, through to new launches like Paribus, our Spotlight initiative has proven to be incredibly successful for projects through educating and engaging the Orion community, driving project's token value, trading volume, and social volume.

Now, we’re taking this to the next level with Orion SolarFlare. New projects can tap into the Orion community and list on Orion Terminal immediately afterwards: reducing friction and accelerating the launchpad process.


Accelerating launchpad activity on SolarFlare:
  • IDO to listing on Orion Terminal
  • Native farming enabled on launch
  • Access to Orion ecosystem of partners + exchanges
  • Access to KOLs and partner channels
  • Community engagement, interviews, and AMAs
  • Create ‘long term holders’ vs ‘allocation flippers’
  • Long term support and continued communication of progress
  • Aggregation of liquidity on integrated exchanges


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