Orion Protocol launches Orion Swap Widget

Deep liquidity via Orion Protocol on your website in less than fifteen minutes with Orion Swap Widget.

Orion Protocol, the first decentralized gateway to the digital asset market, launches Orion Swap Widget: the powerful free widget allowing users to trade Orion Protocol’s decentralized liquidity of crypto assets on any website. This brand new product from Orion marks a major step for Orion’s growth, enabling anyone to have access to Orion’s deep aggregated liquidity without using Orion Terminal itself.

The most advanced Universal Liquidity Aggregator ever developed, Orion Protocol’s technology brings users decentralized access to centralized liquidity from their own wallet. Access to centralized exchanges such as Binance, KuCoin, and recently AscendEX, along with upcoming DEXs and swap pools, provides a significant breakthrough in an industry which has previously required accounts and presented other hurdles for people to trade.

Orion Swap Widget elevates this global access to unprecedented levels as it adds a thoroughly desirable aspect for users: convenience.

With Orion Swap Widget taking less than fifteen minutes to install and launch via a few lines of code, every widget added is another point of access to the best crypto prices in market. Users can trade deep and aggregated crypto assets with effortless availability.

Adding Orion Swap Widget enriches the host website, the user’s experience, and Orion’s ecosystem. Here’s how:

Host website
  • Free to integrate
  • Less than fifteen minutes to install
  • Simple trading of host’s token
  • Instant access to the full depth of Orion’s superior liquidity
  • Global access to crypto tokens
  • No account required
  • Only your wallet needed to connect
  • Offering best prices to users
  • Zero upfront costs, no maintenance needed
  • Real time access to Orion Protocol’s development


  • Convenience
  • More points of access to Orion Protocol
  • Deep aggregated liquidity
  • Decentralized access to the largest centralized exchanges
  • Aggregated liquidity across CEXs, DEXs (upcoming) and swap pools in one place
  • Access the most popular tokens quickly
  • No account needed
  • No further cost required
  • Competitive fee (0.2% to 0.3%)
  • Available on multiple chains: Ethereum, BNB Chain, with Fantom upcoming


  • Unlimited exposure potential
  • Increased Protocol volume
  • New user base
  • Increased use and utility of ORN token
  • Regional involvement and access
  • Quick and easy implementation of Orion’s B2B products
  • Gateway to more Orion products being installed
  • Potential addition of more assets on Orion Terminal via hosts’ tokens
  • More fees collected adds to future Main Net Staking

Each interaction with Orion Swap Widget benefits every party involved. Host websites raise the prestige of their crypto involvement by essentially having the power of Orion Terminal on their site. This provides instant access to DeFi at the best prices, directly from a user’s wallet. Users have quick and easy decentralized access to centralized exchanges while browsing the internet via the ever-growing supported sites.

To fulfill Orion’s continued growth strategy, Orion Protocol’s new incoming Business Development Coordinators will dedicate their time to promotion and integration of Orion Swap Widget on new partner websites. These connections not only increase Orion’s brand awareness, but continue to generate new leads and present cross-marketing opportunities.

Every Enterprise solution on Orion Protocol drives trading volume and brings Orion another step closer to Main Net Staking, and a potentially unlimited ceiling of rewards.

Orion Swap Widget: a simple, powerful and free solution to increase your revenue

Offer your users the opportunity to trade cryptocurrencies directly from your website and directly from their own wallet. We do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.


Benefit today from Orion’s first enterprise solution
  • Retain user attention; boost user engagement
  • Simplify your sales funnel; lower your bounce rate
  • Increase conversion rates, increase revenue
  • Easy trading of your token directly on your website
  • Zero upfront costs, zero maintenance costs
  • Seamless access to top liquidity sources: Binance, KuCoin and AscendEX
  • Best prices powered by the world’s most advanced liquidity aggregator

How to launch your own trading widget

1. Fill out the form

2. Receive your Partner ID via email

3. Copy and paste a few lines of code

4. Increase your sales 

Try it for yourself. Add Orion Swap Widget to your site and be part of the future of crypto trading: with your own wallet, accessing centralized exchanges, decentralized exchanges and swap pools in one place for the best prices in the industry.

Get started here: widget.orionprotocol.io

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