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ORN Supply Reduction

ORN: Supply Reduction

Alexey Koloskov | Nov 23 2021

Alexey Koloskov

Orion SolarFlare.

Orion SolarFlare

Kal Ali | Nov 19 2021

Kal Ali

Orion Terminal Trading Competition

A YEAR OF ORN Trading Competition  To celebrate a year of ORN, we're launching a trading...

Timothea Horwell | Jul 16 2021

Timothea Horwell

Next Steps for Orion

What’s next for Orion? Increasing volume, improving infrastructure, and building industry-first...

Alexey Koloskov | Jun 28 2021

Alexey Koloskov

USDo: Orion's Stablecoin

Orion Protocol adds even deeper utility to ORN by launching USDo stablecoin.

Alexey Koloskov | Jun 28 2021

Alexey Koloskov

Withdrawals Resume on KuCoin

Following a ~$200million hack on KuCoin on September 26, Orion Protocol reissued ORN tokens via a...

Timothea Horwell | Sep 28 2020

Timothea Horwell

Orion Executes Token Swap

Following a ~$200million hack on KuCoin Exchange earlier today, Orion Protocol has reissued ORN...

Alexey Koloskov | Sep 26 2020

Alexey Koloskov

Private Sale Vesting Schedule Changed

Orion Protocol is changing ORN's private sale vesting schedule, resulting in a slower and more...

Yanush Ali | Sep 8 2020

Yanush Ali

ORN Token Economy

One Token. One Protocol. Eighteen Revenue Streams. At the core of Orion Protocol is the ORN token....

Yanush Ali | Jun 2 2020

Yanush Ali