10 tips to improve your crypto trading experience on Orion Terminal

Orion Protocol brings users a supercharged approach to crypto trading, redefining how transactions originate and combine, ensuring an unmatched depth of liquidity is accessible for users through aggregation. Orion Terminal, Orion’s flagship Enterprise Solution, functions differently from an exchange as it combines several CEX and DEX exchange order books into one order book. With that, some features interact differently as Orion is an industry-first piece of technology, so here we provide 10 tips to improve your crypto trading experience on Orion.

The front-end features of Orion have a familiarity with what users already may know from CEXs and DEXs. The development team aims to improve the user experience with each addition to Orion Terminal. These tips help to make the most of your trading experience following guidance with Orion’s very helpful and knowledgeable Dev Support team.

  1. Finding your pair: If you have a particular asset in your wallet and want to create a trade, simply click the «trade» button on the left panel. This will direct you to the pair of that asset in the terminal. Even quicker trade? Try the «Swap» button on the left panel and choose your assets from the dropdown.
  2. Listing assets: If you would like an asset listed on Orion Terminal, you can! Create a pool with another asset (popular tokens work best) via the ‘Pools’ section on the left dashboard. There should be a minimum of $10k liquidity for initial pool generation. After the pool passes a quick team review (temporary), the asset lists on Orion Terminal and other users can trade with it.
  3. Bridging: Can’t find your assets after an «atomic swap» bridge transaction? Check your dashboard in the destination network. Your tokens appear there first, not in the wallet.
  4. Depositing: Making a deposit of a native asset? Make sure not to deposit 100% of it! Keep some left over to cover any fees when trading. Having an amount of native assets in your wallet (BNB, ETH, FTM or MATIC) easily enables you to cover any transactions made on the Terminal.
  5. Lower fees: Want to reduce fees? We like that, too. Pay them in ORN: it’s 0.2% instead of 0.3 in USDT and native assets.
  6. Adding networks: If you don’t yet have all the blockchains on Orion in your wallet, you can add them straight from the Terminal. Just pick up the desired network at the top right corner of the screen and allow Orion Protocol to add it into your wallet. Simple.
  7. Changing networks: If you want to trade a pair which is not on the network you’re currently on, just click on this pair in the Terminal and it will automatically suggest changing the network to the appropriate one.
  8. Unsupported wallets: Although Orion is extending the list of supported wallet types via WalletConnect, there are still some unsupported wallets. However, you can import your wallet keys to MetaMask and connect with it. All your assets will be available through there. This includes hardware wallets of Ledger and Trezor!
  9. Order books and amounts: When setting an order in the trading terminal, click on the order book with a desired amount. The price and details of your order then fill automatically.
  10. Fiat on/offramp: Use our MoonPay widget to buy crypto using a credit card and start trading!

For troubleshooting, here are some extra tips from our Orion Support team which may help to resolve any other anomalies.

  1. Page won’t show: If PC and mobile access of Orion won’t show immediately, clearing the cache (cookies) on your browser and clearing the data in the «privacy and security» section of your browser settings can resolve this. Using a VPN occasionally may affect things, depending on the type used. Try to disable it when connecting.
    Important: If you have any current (not settled yet) atomic swaps that are in progress, do not clear the cache, as it will break the process of the atomic swap.

  2. Grayed out: If any buttons appear grayed out or disabled, try to disconnect your wallet, clear your cache, refresh the page and reconnect.
    Important: If you have any current (not settled yet) atomic swaps that are in progress, do not clear the cache, as it will break the process of the atomic swap.

  3. “Secret not found" status in the atomic swap: This status means that the process of the atomic swap became interrupted. To rectify this, please wait for the expiration and refund.
    Important: Always make sure you’re using the same device and browser that you initially used for the atomic swap. Once again, it’s important to note that clearing cache will break the process of an atomic swap that hasn’t settled yet, so please avoid that scenario.

  4. Negative balance: If you have noticed that your dashboard shows a negative balance of all assets, or even just one asset, do not conduct any other trades. To resolve this, you will need to buy back the same amount of assets. For example, if you sold 15 ORN and now see -15 ORN in your balance, please place a buy order for that 15 ORN. This will then resolve the negative balance issue.

As the Terminal matures, the development team continues to resolve and fix any temporary issues which may arise, making Orion Terminal an altogether smoother and reliable location to trade cryptocurrency. Follow our development updates on these improvements each week.


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