Real Time Development Updates

June 24th 2022

Bug fixes

  • Fixed negative balance issue in the aggregator
  • Other minor fixes (blinking swap button, allowance button glitch fix, balance allowance issue solved, swap pop-up optimization for bridge)

Back-end progress

  • Continuing work on external Uniswap-like pools integration. Among other things, substantially increased history loading (now ¬5x faster)
  • Redesigning and testing the statistics collection

Overall B2B product progress

  • Widget update and re-design

Hired/engaged new developers

  • One new backend developer

Integration status (incl. Fantom and others)

  • Continuing fWallet integration on Fantom’s end

June 17th 2022

Bug fixes
  • Fixed network switch bug on the bridge page.
  • Removed freezing on swap and trade pages.
  • Fixed a relatively rare bug related to the cancellation of a suborder when the parent order is canceled.
  • Other minor fixes (history clearing when connecting a new wallet, update of amount fields in case of order failure etc.
Back-end progress
  • Optimization of pair configurations to improve the UI loading time.
  • Dynamic loading of associations for the Uniswap integration.
  • Net asset wrapper complete, also working on other tasks for AMMs support.
  • Continued decreasing dependency of the Liquidity Pool Service from Orion Blockchain.

Documentation created/updated
  • SDK version 0.12.6 released, working on improving documentation for existing methods


Documentation created/updated
  • SDK version 0.12.6 released, working on improving documentation for existing methods
Improvements to existing protocol features
  • Widget update and optimization
Integration status (incl. Fantom and others)
  • Polygon is live on the terminal
  • fWallet integration continues, nearing implementation


June 10th 2022

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a loading bug when switching between swap and trade pages
Back-end progress
  • Modified candle loading process to match the new candlestick aggregation methods
  • Optimizing the protocol for sending pair configurations to UI - this will substantially improve page loading times
  • Continue decreasing dependence between Liquidity Pool Service and Orion Blockchain service
Overall B2B product progress
  • Mobile app development/testing continues; fixed minor UI bug in the test version
New hires
  • Onboarded a QA Engineer and Front-end developer

Documentation created/updated

  • SDK version 0.12.6 was released. Work on documentation continues
  • Improved performance for some data fetching methods
Integration status (incl. Fantom and others)
  • Polygon now live on the Orion Terminal
  • fWallet integration is in progress



June 3rd 2022

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue related to the execution of a complex swap when cheap input asset was being used
Back-end progress
Liquidity Pool Service
  • Decreasing dependence of the LPS from Orion Blockchain (sequential-parallel loading of contract and history, added execution progress tracking, estimation for history loading time, increased block scanner reliability)
  • Filtering of exchanges in Swap API

Price Feed

  • Reworked the process of candles update

Documentation created/updated

  • SDK updated to version 0.11.5
  • Continuing to develop SDK documentation with description of SDK methods and examples

Features prepared by testing by the VIP group

  • New chain integration testing ongoing

Integration status (incl. Fantom and others)

  • OKX added as a Power Exchange
  • Fwallet integration is in progress in direct communication with Fantom


May 27th 2022

Bug fixes

  • Fix for arbitrage events on Fantom
  • Incorrect compensation fixed
  • Fixed a zero balance bug

Back-end progress
Liquidity Pool Service

  • Modified contract loading, and improved the block scanner making it faster
  • Added processing for arbitration events in pools


  • Testing request/response in the aggregator WebSocket stream
  • Added filtering by exchange in swap requests
  • Working on re-processing the statistical data

Documentation created/updated

  • SDK v. 0.10.3 published. Working on improvement of function descriptions.

Integration status (incl. Fantom and others)

  • Work continues on the integration of the new CEX and integration with Fwallet.
  • New chain integration in testing

Development Stage

  • Mobile app in development



May 20th 2022

Bug fixes
  • Various fixes (meta-message parsing fixed, testnet oracle fix, fee display bug fixed, etc.)
Back-end progress
  • Reducing the dependence of the Liquidity Pool Service from the OrionBlockchain service - a new block scanner developed, works ~3 times faster than the old one. Started fundamental re-work on interactions between the Liquidity Pool Service and other services.
  • Improved Aggregator’s WebSocket API protocol, added responses to queries, and error processing. In testing now.
  • Improved contracts loading process
  • Implemented delayed stop of address actors: this allows to speed up UI when loading balance snapshots, in testing now.
Functions prepared for testing by the VIP group
  • New chain testing continues

New hires

  • 1 new Research & Development Analyst

Documentation created/updated

  • New SDK version v.0.8.2 initialization/network configuration improvements among others. Also made SDK more user friendly; added documentation for obtaining balances, order history, updates on order status, and order books.

Improvement to existing protocol functions

  • Improvements in the OrionBlockchain service reliability
Integration status (incl. Fantom and others)
  • Support of PriceFeed and Aggregator for the new CEX
  • Fwallet integration is in progress



May 13th 2022

Bug fixes

  • Minor fixes and deletion of old components

Back-end progress

  • Deployed new Aggregator version 2.3.1 with balance streaming support (*refer to last blog post for summary of balance streaming) and fixes to pair configurations generation.
  • Working on new block scanner for the Liquidity Pool Service
  • Testing integration with the new CEX
Functions prepared for testing by the VIP group
  • New chain integration in testnet environment

New hires

  • 1 new front-end developer was onboarded

Documentation created/updated

  • SDK - Created new mechanism for obtaining data from services, geared towards simplifying error processing for developers.
  • Added OrionAnalytics to SDK (allows to get statistics).
  • Add/remove liquidity functions have been added to the SDK following swap functions, allowing to integrate them with 3rd party applications
  • Мinor configuration fixes

Integration status (incl. Fantom and others)

  • Fantom live on mainnet; Ascendex and Kucoin support added on Fantom side
  • PriceFeed support for the new CEX


May 6th 2022

Fixed bugs

  • Minor fixes and deletion of old components
Back-end progress
  • Completing development and testing of balance streaming
  • Working on liquidity pools service redesign. Specifically, rewriting swap history processing and process for adding new pairs. An integral step towards the integration of uniswap-like pools.
Overall progress on B2B products
  • Widget live on Crypto Nezo
New hires
  • 4 new developers, a Marketing Coordinator and a Business Development Coordinator have been onboarded
Documentation (incl. SDK) create/developed
  • Continuing work on adding new functions into SDK/creating docs
Improvement to existing terminal/protocol functions
  • Created logic for checking swap balance and warning of insufficient balance/deposit requirement
  • Added logic for monitoring minimal and maximum currency values for ActionGuard.
  • Added custom user-side messages
  • Website redesign ongoing

Integration status (Fantom and others)

  • Fantom chain is now live on the terminal
  • Continuing exchange with Fantom for integration into fwallet 
  • New CEX integration ongoing



April 29th 2022

Back-end progress

  • Continuing works on balance streaming.

Balance streaming refers to the process of real-time communication between the aggregator, internal service that provides blockchain gateway for other services, and back end in order to identify overall tradeable balances between wallet/contract/reserves. The purpose of the Balance streaming work ongoing now is to streamline this process of balance identification and maintenance, where tradeable balances are all obtained from one source - the aggregator which both makes the process easier and takes the load off the gateway service above.

  • Virtual Order Books fragmentation

VOB fragmentation implies that there will be more virtual levels in a VOB, but they will be smaller in size, which ultimately leads to better negative spread on the terminal.

  • Working on automatic addition of pairs from the internal blockchain gateway service.
  • Transfer of volume statistics to back end in progress

Overall B2B product progress

  • Testing widget integration on 3rd party websites

Documentation (Including SDK) updated/created

  • Issued the first version of the SDK and documentation for main functions (information request/swap). Created repository for examples of SDK applications.

Improvements to existing features of the terminal/ protocol

  • Small update on SDK: Optimization of connection through WebSockets

Integration status (incl. Fantom and others)

  • Testing fantom chain integration. Continuing exchange with Fantom for integration of swap in particular into fwallet.

April 22nd 2022

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed the withdraw button in governance staking.
  • Swap widget bug fixed.
  • Continue Migration button was not showing. Now fixed.
  • Fixed incorrect market price in swap info.
  • Fixed issues with complex swaps (initialization issue with one CEX).
  • Minor aggregator and price feed bugs fixed in testing.
  • Fixed node connection issue.
  • Fixed bug in the bridge, related to the priority of back end data.
  • Removed redundant components on Swap and Trade pages.

UI changes

  • Final adjustments to the sidebar.

Back-end progress

  • Work ongoing on balance streaming (tradeable/reserves). Added connection, snapshots, and integration with the aggregator.
  • Added operations and improvements to the SDK.
  • Actively testing dynamic configurations for trading pairs.
  • Working on and testing new balance streaming.
  • Finished fragmentation of levels-sources for the VOB. Should improve arbitrage opportunities and solve the issue of “floating” levels..

Overall B2B product progress

  • Fixes and improvements for the widget.

Documentation updated/created (incl. SDK)

  • SDK documentation is in progress, with the first documents to be issued soon.
  • Support of balance streaming in SDK.
  • Swap method added to SDK.
  • The first batch of SDK documentation/methods issued.

Technical support improvements

  • Added new response templates for faster reaction to messages.
  • Modified the welcome message to address issues more efficiently.

April 13th 2022

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed one of the bugs causing one of the buttons on the bridge page to be inaccessible.
  • Minor optimization in bridge.
  • Fixed a few small bugs in the liquidity migrator.

UI Changes

  • Added ETH -> BSC liquidity migrator.

Back-end progress
  • Finished work on the VOBs.
  • Finished work on symmetrical swaps.
  • Introduced canonical order of assets in pairs (protocol can work with ORN-ETH (canonical), however, we don’t use ETH-ORN (not canonical). For instance, there are rules for defining canonical order for the terminal/protocol).
  • Improved streaming of swaps. Before, we were actualizing data on the swap page once a second (price, amount out, etc.). Now it is done in real-time.
  • Balance stream optimization work ongoing.

Documentation updated/created (incl. SDK) 

  • Started preparing to publish sets of SDK documentation (used in the front end too).

Support improvements

  • Reduced response time.
  • Increased functionality - added developers and testers to support roles.
  • Governance instruction page updated.

Integration status (Fantom/others)

  • Fantom testnet testing has been performed.

New tokens added to Bridge

  • SNX and SXP are now live on Orion Bridge.

January 24th 2022

Bug fixes / Updates
- Fee errors which may have appeared when sending transactions have now been solved
- Possible freezing of large transactions in mobile wallets has now been resolved
- A bug involving the slow loading of icons has now been rectified
- List of recent transactions have been updated
- ConfigPairs for complex pairs have been adjusted on the backend, allowing for specific precisions to be seen on the UI


Live Next Week

Orion Bridge
The first truly decentralized cross-chain bridge, Orion Bridge is powered by peer-to-peer atomic swap technology. For the first time ever, it will enable users to trade popular native assets across different blockchains without limits, delays, refused orders, blocked funds, or exploits - eliminating the issues associated with other bridges in market. New bridges come to market all the time, but until they are integrated into the backend of trading platforms, we won’t see true cross-chain trading. Orion Bridge has been integrated into Orion Terminal's backend, enabling true cross-chain, cross-exchange liquidity aggregation.

In its first iteration, Orion Bridge has been enabled between Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. Going forward, we will integrate further chains and plan to move all transaction settlements to a cheap network in a way that remains transparent to users - finally removing the boundaries between blockchains. Learn more and countdown to January 31st here.

Single Network View
To maximize the value of Orion Bridge, the ‘single network view’ will be launching alongside the bridge to enable true cross-chain, cross-exchange liquidity aggregation. This will create one single trading view across integrated chains and exchanges - enabling visibility of all of Orion Terminal’s assets in one place. Exchange orderbooks for select assets across different chains will be integrated into one orderbook. Users only need to connect their wallet once, and don’t need to reconnect when changing chains.

Governance Voting
After the success of our last Governance vote (removing 7.4% of ORN from total supply), a new ‘Governance’ page will be live next week for upcoming DAO votes. This will include votes on new assets, new chains integrations, and more.

Orion SolarFlare
To enable more seamless participation in Orion Solarflare, a new IDO page has been created to allow users to learn, participate, and claim in one place. We have been undertaking significant due diligence on several projects, and two new IDOs have been confirmed for February. Both projects will provide higher allocation than previous IDOs, and stakers will receive a higher allocation ratio. Details on how this will work will be shared soon.


What's up next?

Orion Rebrand
While you might have noticed the gradual roll out of Orion’s rebrand across social channels, there’s far more to come. While existing assets are being updated in the meantime for consistency, an entirely new site and terminal will be deployed. Feedback on Terminal UI/UX has been taken on board - keep an eye out for the preview of our rebranded Terminal tomorrow!

Liquidity Integrations
The integration of centralized exchange AscendEX (previously Bitmax) is now live in main net staging environment. After final testing, this integration will be deployed after the launch of Orion Bridge - bringing new assets to the terminal, alongside deeper liquidity to existing assets. Following this deployment, further centralized exchanges (such as and decentralized exchanges (such as Uniswap, Pancakeswap, Sushiswap, and more) will be integrated into the terminal.

Chain Integrations
The Fantom integration into Orion Terminal is nearing completion, and will be deployed to Main Net Staging not long after the bridge is live. We’ve prioritized Fantom first because of the depth of our partnership and the amount of volume this chain integration can bring to us, but other chains will follow soon after. Fantom will also be integrated into Orion Bridge, as will every subsequent chain. Adding new chains beyond Fantom are more important to us than ever right now, as this will only bolster the value of the bridge, and will enable us to achieve our goal of becoming the chain agnostic gateway to the crypto market.

Orion Wallet Swap SDK
Both the Orion and Fantom development team are working closely on the integration of the Wallet Swap SDK. Its launch is awaiting the final stage of Fantom’s integration into Orion Terminal’s Main Net Staging before deployment, enabling Orion to tap into the millions of users of fWallet and other wallets - expanding access to Orion liquidity.

Orion Whitelabel DEX
The Whitelabel DEX Kit enables centralized exchanges to provide decentralized access to their liquidity on their own branded DEX - bringing Orion liquidity to millions of CEX users. We already have one major CEX ready for launch, with the interface and platform already ready.


There’s a LOT more to come that hasn’t been mentioned above, including virtual orderbooks, Orion SDK V2, improved arbitrage, USDo, main net staking, and plenty more.

Stay tuned for more updates, and watch our most recent AMA below to learn more.




December 10th

The last few weeks have revealed several strategies put in place by Orion Protocol from ORN supply-reduction initiatives to depositless trading, as well as SolarFlare. Now we have moved into real time development updates, let’s look at the status of some of these features.

Bug Fixes / updates:
- Improved signposting via ToolTip for more streamlined usability.
- Creating custom pool replenishment is now fixed.
- Price value in the amount field rectified.
- CUMMIES issue - FAQ now live on Help Desk
- Frontend recalculation for available balance.
- Rounding amount visibility corrected.
- Reverse token pool pair fixed.
- Mechanics added for IDO participation within Orion Terminal.

Fiat On/Off Ramp: The integration of our previous fiat on/off ramp provider had been completed and we were ready for it to be deployed. However, an unexpected issue with the provider’s off ramp has meant we’ve had to pivot swiftly to a new provider to ensure full functionality from launch. Integration has already begun with the new client, with expected deployment December 20th (with a 0% fee campaign).

Moonpay preview

Aggregator V2 updates: Aggregator V2 has been deployed and continually updated, with improved swap algorithms, reworked APIs,  faster order status, and improved order book feed. The development team is continuing to optimize this ahead of upcoming features.

Soon to be deployed to VIP testing environment:

Protocol Governance: we will soon be releasing a series of governance votes for ORN holders and stakers pertaining to supply reduction, next stages of development, etc.

Single Network View: ‘Single network trading view’ (viewing all assets across chains) has been implemented already on the backend and we are in the final stages of testing prior to deploying to our VIP test environment.

Orion Bridge: continued progress on Orion Bridge (the first p2p decentralized cross-chain bridge using atomic swap functionality) interface ahead of deployment to VIP test environment.

New liquidity sources: onboarding of a major CEX is almost complete. Onboarding of other CEXs and DEXs also in the works, to be deployed to the VIP testing environment after the launch of Orion Bridge. 

Chain integration: the integration of the Fantom chain is progressing and close to deployment. The Wallet Swap SDK integration will be launched post chain integration.

B2B solutions: Wallet Swap SDK in testing with Fantom team for deployment after Fantom Opera integration.

Take a look at our recent Dev AMA:


November 12th

This month will bring about a significant number of changes to the terminal, including depositless trading, fiat on/off ramp, additional liquidity sources and pairs, preparing for Orion Bridge, and more. Alongside continued development updates and AMAs, we are moving towards ‘real time’ updates of development in order to communicate progress and changes as they occur, and as effectively and frequently as possible.

Depositless Trading: VIP NFT holders now have access to depositless trading for final testing ahead of public deployment.

Fiat On/Off Ramp Aggregator: Once depositless trading has been publicly released, a fiat on/off ramp aggregator will be deployed on Orion Terminal - aggregating every major fiat gateway. This is currently in the final stages of UI optimization before testing and roll out.

Onramper preview 2

Single Network View: Shortly after the release of depositless trading and fiat on/offramp, the ‘single network view’ of the terminal will be released, enabling one single trading view for assets and pools on existing and new chains. Users will only need to connect their wallet once and don’t need to reconnect when changing chains.

Removal of ORN from circulation: Next week, the team will release details on the first stage of permanently removing ORN from circulation to reduce supply.

Orion Atomic Swap Bridge: The back end for Orion’s atomic swap bridge has been built, with UI developments underway ahead of launch.

Additional liquidity sources: Further progress made with the smart contracts to more effectively onboard new sources of liquidity and assets.

Bug fixes: Various low level bug fixes have been improved across the Terminal, including:

  • Fixed early bugs with new depositless trading
  • Fixed issues on backend to enable smoother operation
  • Order History bug fixes
  • Bug improvement fixes across the backend
  • Improved monitoring
  • Technical support has moved to full Help Desk format: widget and/or support bot for Telegram

Upcoming UI improvements

  • ORN and native network balances will be displayed in the header
  • Order History will be changed to improve the layout
  • Settled amount value added
  • Columns reorganized

Keen to understand what’s next? Watch our latest Development AMA.


November 1st

This next month will bring about a significant number of changes to the terminal, including depositless trading, fiat on/off ramp, additional liquidity sources and pairs, preparing for Orion Bridge, and more. Alongside continued development updates and AMAs, we are moving towards ‘real time’ updates of development in order to communicate progress and changes as they occur, and as effectively and frequently as possible.

The development team has just deployed the following improvements to Orion Terminal:

Fee calculation and display:

  • Fee calculation on the backend has been optimized to resolve any occasional anomalies
  • As well as adding other assets to be used as fees beyond ORN (USDT, BNB, ETH), the development team have made several changes for 'fee breakdown':
    • Greater transparency on fee breakdown: 'total fee’ has now been added below the ‘fee dropdown’ - displaying the network fee, fee asset balance, and total fee for a trade
    • Removal of ‘fee dropdown’ when trades are routed via Orion Pool: orders via Orion Pool (vs Orion Aggregator) are executed directly on the exchange contract and therefore have a 0.3% Orion fee priced in to the trade

Bug fixes: 

  • Various low level bug fixes have been improved across the Terminal, including:
    • Fixed pair list display after network change
    • Raising gas limits on certain tokens with unique smart contract settings (e.g. CUMMIES) to address issues around trading and withdrawal 
    • Various technical fixes pertaining to data feeds

UX / UI improvements:

  • Reward periods: addition and automated monitoring of ‘reward period finish’ column within the Farming tab to provide more clarity to LPs over reward cycles
  • URL routing: changes have been made to the Pool pages to give each section its own URL path (such as pools, governance, etc) for improved navigation
  • Clearer display of wallet / chain connection ahead of upcoming changes, including transparent network, Orion Bridge, and more

What’s next?

In our recent Development AMA, Lead Backend Engineer Boris Vanin shared some of the important changes already implemented and what’s next for the development team, including the following updates planned for the coming weeks:

Depositless trading:
- Now live in mainnet staging environment
- VIP NFT holders will be briefly testing this in the next few days before public deployment

Fiat on/off ramp:
- A fiat on/off ramp is currently being integrated to enable access to almost all major fiat gateways directly on Orion Terminal

Single trading list / transparent network feature:
- One single trading view for assets and pools on existing and new chains
- Users will only need to connect their wallet once and don’t need to reconnect when changing chains
- This ‘transparent network feature’ is a key development prior to the launch of Orion Bridge in order to create a seamless cross-chain experience

Orion Aggregator V2:
- Faster settlement, fewer errors, faster reporting

Additional liquidity sources
- Integration of new sources of liquidity and pairs


Alongside the above, there's even more in the works as shared in last week's Development AMA.


Stay updated with Orion Protocol.