A Trading Competition Success on Orion Terminal

Yesterday marked the close of a successful trading competition on Orion Terminal. As it stands, our current daily volume is $22 million, and we’d like to thank everyone who took part in making this happen. Winners will be announced by Sunday. 

With Orion Terminal having launched two weeks ago, the Orion Trading Competition marked the opening of an exciting time for us. Users have been able to experience Orion’s most advanced liquidity aggregator ever developed, first-hand, and see why our industry first solution will be the benchmark in trading for years to come.

The trading competition concluded at 5pm UTC yesterday, and we wish to thank the participants for a marvelous two weeks of energetic trading across both integrated chains on Orion - BSC and ETH. We have received fantastic feedback from people all around the world, thrilled with using a decentralized Terminal with no KYC and some of the most liquid assets available in crypto. We are buoyant to see this kind of reaction from traders, and it adds to an already exciting future that we have planned.

Orion’s integration of BSC to the Terminal has meant traders can benefit from low transaction costs combined with smooth accessibility and fast response times. ETH is also integrated with further chain inclusions coming soon. Avalanche, Cardano, Huobi ECO Chain, Elrond, Polkadot, and Fantom are scheduled across Q2 and Q3. This gives individuals an even greater user experience and freedom on Orion Terminal - while always using their own wallet to trade.

Competitions have prizes, so well done to all the winners who have taken part in attempting to have a slice of the great awards on offer. Winners will be air-dropped rewards within the week and the last announcement of winners shared on Sunday. For a reminder, here are the prizes being shared:

  • 20 Orion VIP NFTs
  • $20,000 worth of ORN
  • 20 Orion Protocol hoodies
  • 20 Orion branded Ledger Nano S

The first Orion NFTs will unlock early access to every B2C solution built on the protocol, including new chain integrations, lending, margin trading, and more. The NFT holders will also have access to an Orion VIP group with senior members of the team, and will be privy to Orion updates and developments ahead of official announcements.

Thank you all for taking part, and enjoy the wealth of additional integrations that are coming frequently to the Terminal moving forward. It is a very exciting time indeed and it is a pleasure to have your support throughout our journey.

IMPORTANT:  If you did take part in the trading competition, please enter your wallet address and details into the form below so we can contact you should you be one of the lucky winners.

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