Decentralized Vesting Smart Contract Live

We have now finished the new vesting smart contract for private sale tokens, which has been successfully audited by Armors Labs.

The ORN vesting smart contract is live. Private sale participants can now begin to withdraw their remaining ORN by connecting their whitelisted wallets to Etherscan (see instructions below). Participants' remaining tokens are unlocked by the second, and will be available for withdrawals. Users can withdraw as often as they want, anytime they want. The amount of tokens available per second depends on the user's remaining balance, multiplied by 25% (the remaining amount not yet distributed to participants), divided by the amount of seconds until the conclusion of the distribution period (December 16th, 2021). The schedule for the remaining token reserves (incl. foundation, advisors, etc.) will be shared in due course.

  • Click here
  • Click "Connect to Web3"
  • Scroll down to "getReward", expand it and click write
  • Confirm the transaction in your wallet
  • The amount of ORN that is currently unlocked and available for withdrawal will be sent to your wallet

photo_2021-08-28 16.35.57

There will not be anymore large unlocks on the 16th as we’ve had in the past. The gradual release of the remaining private sale tokens will assist in a stronger and more robust token economy for ORN, eliminating the potential for unhealthy sentiment that has swarmed the community around previous private sale unlocks. Such sentiment in the past has proven to be justified, as earlier large unlocks caused a very volatile and turbulent market. Despite the minimal impact of later unlocks, the sentiment has remained. This activity can be very detrimental to the token economy, and hinders the potential growth in secondary market participation. 


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