Victoria VR: VR listing on Orion Terminal

Victoria VR is the very first blockchain-based MMORPG in virtual reality with realistic graphics based on the Unreal Engine. The project places itself in the exploding new ‘Metaverse’ space, creating a virtual reality world for its users where they can, play, work, and eventually live. Within the vast VR world, NFTs can be exchanged in 3D and activities within can be experienced through interacting with almost unlimited digital scenarios. Learn more about Victoria VR here.

Orion Terminal is one of the primary listings for Victoria VR’s VR token (ERC20).

VR is now available for trading under the trading pair VR/USDT.

  • Access VR on launch, directly from your wallet
  • Global access across CEX + DEX
  • No account, no KYC
  • Trade at the best price, every time

Farming for VR will soon be enabled, exclusively on Orion Terminal.


SolarFlare IDO participants

Orion SolarFlare is the DeFi launch solution unlocking IDO access exclusively for ORN holders: the allocation ratio is dependent on the amount of ORN committed to the pool. Victoria VR's SolarFlare was closed early due to over huge demand and oversubscription. 

Ticker: VR | ERC20
Token Supply: 16,800,000,000
Project Valuation: $49,560,000
Initial Circulation: 676,997,200
Initial Market Cap: $1,967,142
Starting price: $0.00295

SolarFlare Allocation: $50,000
SolarFlare Tokens: 16,949,152
ORN Committed: 125,940 
Allocation Rate: 1 ORN : 134.58 VR


 How to claim your VR:

  • Visit Orion Terminal Pools page
  • Select “receive your tokens here” button
  • Connect the wallet used to send funds to the pool
  • Press the “Claim” button
  • Tokens will be transferred to your wallet

Vesting schedule: 12 month vesting: 10% initial, 2 month cliff, remaining monthly (9 months).

If you sent funds after the cut off period, ORN will be refunded to your wallet.

Participants’ VR will be available to claim at any period over the vesting schedule.

Add VR to your wallet:

0x7d5121505149065b562c789a0145ed750e6e8cdd | Ticker: VR | Decimal: 18


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