Web3 News by Orion: your express route to blockchain news

Building upon Orion’s global groups, Ambassador roles, and regular educational media content, Orion Protocol today launches its own express outlet for crypto and blockchain news on Telegram and Twitter. This concise and informative news service will provide regular news from around the world in an easily accessible format. ‘Web 3 News by Orion’ serves as your go-to hub to stay quickly updated with the day’s relevant crypto news stories from across the globe.

Why Web3 News?

Crypto news moves fast, often too fast for people to stay thoroughly updated to the latest blockchain news and events. To solve this, we’ve adopted a concise and digestible news format which covers some of the most up-to-date and relevant Web3 information from the cryptocurrency industry: easy to follow, easy to absorb.

- Informative
- Easily accessible
- Up-to-date
- Quick to digest
- Educational
- Consistent
- Expands awareness of Orion

Being well-informed of current Web3 situations helps increase people’s knowledge of the crypto industry, often leading to making better decisions and improving their general asset safety in the space. While Orion’s primary focus on continuing to strengthen the most advanced liquidity aggregator ever developed remains as strong as ever, having additional and complimentary resources to educate, inform and grow the community while the protocol scales is also important.


Orion Protocol’s method of not competing but combining means it remains open for collaborations and partnerships from an endless amount of projects, as well as tokens being listed. Creating a concise news outlet attracts attention from general crypto enthusiasts, further exposing individuals to the wider Orion ecosystem, and ultimately becoming familiar with Orion Protocol, the trading Terminal, and its exceptional benefits.

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